shl1 473Independent project management, contract administration and design and construction services for mountain bike and recreational trail.
From initial concept to final completion with a focus on the planning and design phases best suited to site conditions and site specific construction methods.

With extensive skills and experience in civil and structural design management processes, knowledge of soil types as well as vast experience in recreational trail design and construction, since 2001 McLean Projects has consulted, designed, constructed and project managed a range of recreational trail projects in Queensland

Planning Phase
  • Site investigation and initial planning concepts
  • Development of detailed project scope from preliminary concepts
  • Liaising with and implementing all stakeholder requirements
Design and Tender Phase
  • On site detailed design of trail alignments
  • Preparation of design documentation
  • Preparation of construction details and specifications
  • Preparation of budget estimates and project programs
  • Preparation of Consultant briefs and agreements
  • Engaging and co-ordination of consultants
  • Preparation of tender and contract documentation, issuing and reviewing of tenders
Construction Phase
  • Construction of mountain bike trail with mini excavator and associated equipment
  • Engaging and co-ordination of subcontractors
  • Contract administration and supervision
  • Site inspections in conjunction with consultants to ensure compliance
  • Project cost control and financial reporting


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